Glitz & Glam Makeup for your Wedding Day!

Chanel W 2012 3

Images from Chanel Winter 2012 Runway Show

Chanel W 2012 2

Images from Chanel Winter 2012 Runway Show

Chanel W 2012

Images from Chanel Winter 2012 Runway Show

From the staging of the show to the makeup of the models, Chanel incorporates the beauty of gems and crystals into its Winter 2012 Runway. All the models are seen with prominent eyebrows that have been enhanced with the use of crystals. Although this trend might not be exactly functional for everyday wear, it does give inspiration to thinking about ways to bring more attention to the eyes.

With the drama that comes with the use of gems, a more applicable translation of this trend would be to use more shimmer shadows and glittered shades to bring some sparkle to the eye. Like they say “the eyes are the windows to the soul” and what better way to play it up than with sparkly shades. Glitz up your wedding day and go with a look more like featured below.



For special occasions such as weddings, where all eyes will be on the bride, this look brings the glitz and glamour without being over the top when used in combination with a more neutral palate.

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