Hair Extensions

Love them, hate them, need them, want them– they completely change your mood and your look!

I cannot tell you how many clients I have who are so eager/scared to dip their toe in and try hair extensions!

Tulsa Hair Extensions

My absolute favorite hair extensions are the Euro Next hair clip-in extensions (details below). I recommend them to all my clients, for many reasons! One, you are not fully committing to the hair extensions since they can be removed with the clips daily. Two, they are not as expensive as the other clip-ins on the market that are endorsed by celebrities. Three, the quality is human hair and 100% remy! What is remy? Remy is the finest quality of human hair. The cuticles are kept intact and not stripped, like in most other cheap hair extensions. Preserving the cuticles and aligning them properly creates hair extensions that are completely natural in appearance.

Here’s some examples of hair with and without hair extensions.


Depending on the thickness of your hair you may need additional packs of hair. Here’s an example of one pack of hair vs. two packs of hair.


One pack of hair extensions, above. Two packs of hair extensions below.


Originally, when the model purchased her hair extensions her hair was shoulder length. This is when two packages of hair extensions came in handy. It created a thicker appearance at the bottom of her hair. Now that her hair is longer two packages create fullness, but are not necessary since her hair has grown.
Euronext Premium Remy Human Hair 18 Inch Clip-In Extensions Espresso • Euronext  
Euronext Premium Remy 14 Inch Clip-In Human Hair Extensions #27/613 Blonde Frost • Euronext  

Tulsa Makeup – Taylor and Christopher

Tulsa Makeup

What an amazing venue located at The Springs Event Venue in Sperry, OK. Just outside of Tulsa, nestled along side Skiatook Lake. On June 16th, 2016, we had the pleasure of working with spectacular Tulsa vendors to help create a perfect wedding day for Taylor and Christopher.

Photography: Blue Elephant Photography
Makeup: Tulsa Bridal Beauty
Videography: Leslee Layton Films
Venue: Skiatook Event Center
Flowers: Art in Bloom
Wedding Coordinator: Kirbie Wheeler from Gather Events
Dress: Maggie Sottero from Facchianos Bridal
Shoes: Nina
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bridal Elegance Tulsa
DJ: LionsRoad
Cake: Ann’s Bakery
Caterer: Catering by Orr

taylor_046This wedding was very special to Tulsa Bridal Beauty. We had the pleasure of doing makeup for a past bride, Natalie, and her sister in the wedding party. It was such an honor to be referred by Natalie and her family for Taylor’s big day!

c&t_090 c&t_092

From the initial meeting of Taylor, we came up with a clean beauty look for her big day!

taylor_029 c&t_325

A fun fact about the bride, she is a pilot in the United States Air Force!! Taylor’s stories during her makeup trial were incredible! We thank Taylor for her service in our military!



Skiatook Springs Oklahoma Wedding Film // Taylor and Christopher // Leslee Layton Films from Leslee Layton Films on Vimeo.

About the Writer: Krista is the owner of one of the nations top on-location wedding hair and makeup businesses, Tulsa Bridal Beauty.  In addition to her wedding business, she has worked with thousands of clients throughout the United States, including production companies, kid/teen actors, celebrities, agency models, sports analysts, and brides. Krista’s work has been featured in BRIDES magazine, on ESPN, and at Universal Studios.

To obtain more information about setting up a trial appointment for your big day, email Krista at with the below information:

Wedding Date Requested For Services

Number of Services Requested on the Wedding Day

Ready by Time for the Wedding Day

Location of Services on the Wedding Day

Questions & Answers


How long have you been a makeup artist?
I’ve worked as a professional makeup artist for the past 7 years.

Do you only do makeup for weddings?
No. Weddings and special event makeup is a large portion of my business here in Oklahoma. However, I also do makeup for photo shoots, models, corporate events, lessons, prom, head shots, film, special effects etc. My rates vary for services.

Can you do makeup on all ethnicities?
Yes, I am highly skilled when working with all skin types and ethnicities.  My makeup kit  can accommodate for all ethnicities and skin types.

Do you offer makeup lessons?
Yes. Lessons can be done in a group setting in the comfort of your own home. I go through your existing makeup and show you how to use everything, also products you should add to your collection and those you may want to get rid of.

Do you cover tattoos?
Yes, I do tattoo consultations at your trial. This will determine the price depending on the size and amount of tattoos you would like to cover. My tattoo covering technique is sweat and smudge proof.

What brands of makeup do you use?
As a makeup artist I’m constantly adding new products to my kit. Some products my kit includes are: MAC, Temptu, Urban Decay, Aveda, Stila, and Joe Blasco.

How do I officially book you for my wedding?
I require a $50 non-refundable retainer along with a contract that we both sign.

What is airbrush foundation?
Airbrush foundation is a unique formula that comes in a wide range of shades to match each and every skin tone. Colors can be mixed to achieve the perfect match. The formula can be silicone base (which is what I use) water base, or alcohol base. The foundation is sprayed as a very fine mist through an airbrush gun that is powered by a compressor. It appears very natural in person and photographs beautifully. The key benefits of airbrush foundation are the look of natural and flawless complexion as well as its long lasting durability.

What forms of payment do you accept?
I accept cash, check , and credit cards. There is an additional 3% processing fee on credit card payments.

Do you recommend a makeup/hair trial before my wedding?
Generally you want to search at least 4-6 months prior to your wedding date.

Do you charge any travel fees?
Yes, if your wedding or event is outside the Tulsa metro there is an additional fee.

How many people in the bridal party can you accommodate?
I can accommodate all size parties with advanced notice. I always account for time and bring another artist or two with me when I see fit.

What can I expect in my makeup and/or hair trial?
During your trial we will discuss all aspects of your wedding such as timing, location, theme and hair. I urge you to email me photo inspirations of either hair and makeup (or both) prior to our trial so we can discuss right away your vision. Based on that information I complete your hair and makeup that will complement you to look your best self on your wedding day. I encourage you to speak openly and honest with me about your likes and dislikes at this time.

Where and when do you do makeup trials?
All trial appointments are completed in my studio by appointment only. We can coordinate trials M-Thur 9am-4pm.

How long does a makeup and/or hair trial take?
A makeup and hair trial takes about an hour each. This includes a verbal consult, the actual makeup and hair application, followed by any adjustments, and documenting the look.

Do you stay with the bride through the ceremony and photos?
Once the last person is done with makeup I do a touch-up on everyone before I pack up and leave. If you would like me to stay with you for touch-ups during your photos and ceremony I charge an additional rate per hour.

Will my makeup hold all day and through the evening?
A professional makeup application holds up beautifully all day into the evening. There are key products used to prime and set the skin for long lasting, tear proof wear. The only things needed to touch up is lip color and any shine from oily skin that can be controlled with blotting sheets (which I provide for you in your bridal touch-up kit.)

Makeup & Hair Booking Inquiries

Interested in hiring us?

Here are some frequently asked questions about the process of hiring our team for your wedding day.

First Contact with us

First, contact us either by phone (918) 212-6233 or email with the following information:

  • Date of your wedding
  • Location of where the services will be preformed
  • Number of people interested in makeup and hair
  • Time you need to be ready by


Next, I will schedule a makeup trial date with you before your wedding.  A trial consists of running through your entire makeup.  This ensures your wedding days runs smoothly and that you know the look you are going to get.

At the trial session, please feel free to have photos of various looks you like.  Please make sure you have a fresh face that is freshly moisturized and clear of makeup.  You will also want to make sure your eye brows are how you want them the day of the wedding (freshly waxed or tweezed).  Once your look is exactly the way you like, I will write a face chart with all the products we used so I can refer back to it on your wedding day.  A completed face chart brings you piece of mind knowing your makeup will be exactly the way you want it.  In addition to the face chart, I will take before and after pictures for you to see the difference and also how you will look on your wedding day.  Typically, you want to allow 1 to 1 and a half hours for the trial session.  The fee for a makeup trial is $65. (Required)


If you are interested in a hair trial please make sure you have product free, dry, freshly washed  hair. Also, feel free to share with me various photos of hair looks you like. Always keep in mind you hair length and texture when searching for photos online. Photos will be taken before and after to reference back on your wedding day. The fee for a hair trial is $65. (Optional)

To book and reserve your wedding day, I must have a signed contract and a $50 retainer.

Your Wedding Day

On your wedding day, your makeup will be the last thing you need to worry about!  When it comes time for your makeup to be done, all you have to do is sit back and relax.  I will know the exact look you want because of our trial and will replicate it so you know exactly the way you will look when you say, “I do!”  We travel to your wedding venue, hotel, or your preferred location so you do not need to worry about traveling to us (weddings outside of Tulsa may have a travel fee).  In addition to your makeup, I can also bring a team of professionals to make sure everyone in a larger group can be accommodated.  If you plan on having a large group, please notify me beforehand so I can make sure I travel with enough professionals to accommodate everyone.  As a general rule, you need to allow 30-45 minutes for makeup/hair per person.



Luscious Lashes

It’s no secret that when you want to make your eyes “pop” and complete almost every makeup look is to add false lashes. There are some who are just born lucky and have luscious lashes, but for us mere mortals, we often need more help.

Below is an example of the same makeup done to both eyes. The top photo doesn’t include lash enhancements while the bottom photo has lashes applied. As you can see it just completes the look for an eye popping smokey eye.

photo (1)

Some might think picking out and putting on lashes is quite simple, but achieving great natural looks with lashes is a bit hard to do. From choosing the right lashes to get the right look to its actual application, the process could get cumbersome. With the help of a trained professional, any look can be achieved.

Lashes come in all different lengths and styles from natural to dramatic, as seen below.


Professional makeup artists have access to certain products that are not made available to the general public. These include high-end lashes that are made with 100% human hair that gives a more blended and natural look when applied precisely to the lash line.


Below on the left is an example of professional lashes. As you can see the band is very light which will give a seamless blend to your natural lashes when applied. On the right you can see where the lash line is heavier which prevents a natural look when applied. This is a common mistake people make when picking out false lashes.



A makeup artist should always measure your lids to the lashes and trim them according to your eye shape. This will also help blend the falsies into your natural lashes.

Why Hire a Professional Makeup Artist?

Professional makeup artists are trained for all types of makeup including photography, video, film, and theatrical.  Each type requires a different type of skill & application.

On your wedding day, your style of makeup should go with the style and theme of the wedding.  Professional makeup artists will be able to help you determine what style suits you and then tailor it to the theme of your wedding.  One of the essential pieces to any look is to have clean lines on your lips and eye liner.  Another essential element to any look is that trained makeup artists pride themselves in completely blending makeup.  When makeup is completely blended it gives your face a completely natural untouched look.  Having your makeup completely blended keeps you from having those 80’s racing stripes on your cheekbones.  In addition, makeup professionals use balanced color choices meaning the lips, cheeks, and eyes all flow together.  Also, professional makeup artists always keep their makeup kits stocked with high end product lines.  Having top quality makeup ensures long lasting coverage to keep you looking your absolute best on your wedding day even when the weather is not cooperating.

wedding makeup

When it comes to picture taking time, almost all photographers like to give you both color photos and black and white.  Trained makeup artists know how different your makeup can look between these different types of photography.  In black and whites photos, the use of contour and high light determine how your face will look structurally.  For instance, dark colors come up looking black in the pictures.  A quality makeup artist should know this and adapt their skills accordingly.  A professional camera, like the one your photographer will use on your wedding day, picks up 250 times more detail than the human eye.  Thus, the camera will pick up every detail on your skin and if your makeup has not been done just right, you could end up with that “caked” on look that no bride wants.



Another essential of any true professional makeup artist is sanitation.  All makeup artists should pride themselves in giving high quality makeup with absolutely no chance of spreading germs.  To prevent the spread of germs, makeup artists should always use disposable mascara wands, have sanitizing gel, and should never let the makeup touch anyone else’s body but yours.  For example, if a makeup artist tries to put lipstick on you straight from the tube, just think about how many other lips they may have used that on or how old it may be.  Or if they are putting mascara on with the same stick that comes in the tube, think about how many other eyes that has touched.  If you see this happen, you should immediately tell the person to stop and use a disposable tool because no one should risk her health to have makeup done.


Finally, a professional makeup artist can create the illusion of perfect bone structure through the use of highlighting, contouring, & the placement of a little color.  A professional will be able define your eyes, create higher cheekbones, a strong jaw line, and ensure a symmetrical mouth.  However, it is also important for a makeup artist to balance out all your features so that every aspect of the look compliments the next.  A makeup artist’s job should be to give you a timeless look on your wedding day.  Creating a timeless look can be challenging but a good makeup artist should be able to find what suits your style and give you the look you have always dreamed.  While your wedding day only comes once, your photographs and wedding video last forever.  Hire a makeup artist for your wedding and ensure no one forgets how beautiful you were when you said, “I do!”

Contouring Diagram