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Luscious Lashes

It’s no secret that when you want to make your eyes “pop” and complete almost every makeup look is to add false lashes. There are some who are just born lucky and have luscious lashes, but for us mere mortals, we often need more help.

Below is an example of the same makeup done to both eyes. The top photo doesn’t include lash enhancements while the bottom photo has lashes applied. As you can see it just completes the look for an eye popping smokey eye.

photo (1)

Some might think picking out and putting on lashes is quite simple, but achieving great natural looks with lashes is a bit hard to do. From choosing the right lashes to get the right look to its actual application, the process could get cumbersome. With the help of a trained professional, any look can be achieved.

Lashes come in all different lengths and styles from natural to dramatic, as seen below.


Professional makeup artists have access to certain products that are not made available to the general public. These include high-end lashes that are made with 100% human hair that gives a more blended and natural look when applied precisely to the lash line.


Below on the left is an example of professional lashes. As you can see the band is very light which will give a seamless blend to your natural lashes when applied. On the right you can see where the lash line is heavier which prevents a natural look when applied. This is a common mistake people make when picking out false lashes.



A makeup artist should always measure your lids to the lashes and trim them according to your eye shape. This will also help blend the falsies into your natural lashes.

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