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Krista beautifully carried out the vision of how I wanted to look on my wedding day. In fact, I looked even better than expected because I trusted Krista’s suggestions for a glowing pink look, instead of a bronzed brown appearance. Krista met with me days before my wedding for a trial run of hair and make-up and, after meeting her, I was comforted by her skill and expertise. Furthermore, I have thick and frizzy hair, but Krista fixed it into a shiny and sophisticated updo. I received so many compliments on my hair from my guests. I definitely felt the part of the beautiful bride. In addition, Krista was a calming influence during the hours before my wedding and she immediately attended to any concerns I had about my hair and make-up. Krista is fantastic and I highly recommend her!!!

Preti Mehta-Bride

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Krista was amazing to work with and did a fantastic job!! I would highly recommend her!

Lauren Glover- Bride 

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There are makeup artists and there are makeup ARTISTS. Krista is the rare type of makeup artist who truly excels at the fine art of making brides look and feel beautiful! I have hired Krista to glam me up for a few special occasions, and she brings out my best features every single time. Nothing beats the confidence I feel when I step out of her chair and look like I just stepped off the pages of a magazine! Krista is also amazing with airbrush tanning. I was skeptical of the idea at first, but she made me feel totally comfortable and gave me a natural-looking glow that lasted a week and didn’t rub off on my clothes. (She’ll even contour in a little subtle definition around your abs and cleavage – what’s not to love about that? LOL!) I am really sad that Krista is no longer in my town, but Orlando’s loss is Tulsa’s gain. Brides, what are you waiting for?

Lisa Holt-Preformer/Entertainer 

Tulsa Wedding Makeup

I cannot even being to say enough about how wonderful Krista is. As someone who rarely wears makeup, I had almost no idea of how I wanted my makeup to look on my wedding day. We met a few days before my wedding for a hair and (airbrush) makeup trial. I have never seen myself look so amazing in makeup. My fiancé had to tag alone for the trial and he was blown away. She knew exactly what to do to bring out the best in me. As we did the trial, I was calmed and reassured by her skill, expertise, and awesome personality. This carried over to when she met me on location the day of my wedding. My hair and makeup were exquisite – I had so many wonderful compliments. My fiancé, once again, couldn’t believe how I looked. My mother said that no one has managed to bring out my eyes with makeup the way Krista did. One of my bridesmaids had a lot of redness/acne, and Krista airbrushed it completely away. My bridesmaid couldn’t even believe how amazing she looked! Again, Krista is not only punctual, efficient, and calming, but completely fantastic. I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again and will definitely recommend her.

Lauren Lowe- Bride


Krista McCauley is the BEST choice for a great professional makeup job done the way YOU want it. Krista was able to transform my acne prone skin to perfect, looking flawless skin! Krista is so versatile and able to change up your look from the most glamorous wedding day look to the most edgy punk rocker look. She is able to combine her talent with so many different elements to captivate the essence of your beauty! She did a great job under pressure and made me look beautiful! Whether your pressed for time or you have a whole day of shooting planned, Krista is your girl! She can work makeup wonders like no other!!

Kassandra Marie Kesilyas
Marketing Manager & Promotional Model

Tulsa Wedding Makeup


Krista has done my makeup and hair styling numerous times for photo shoots. She not only has made me beautiful, but also her amazing special effects skills has made me look horrific! But in a good way! She is very talented and takes her work very seriously. She uses great make up products and top of the line tools.

Krista also is exceptional at spray tanning. She uses a great product that doesnt have much of an after smell and the color comes out like a bronzed gold color.It lasts longer than most I have tried. Its very convenient that she can come almost anywhere and spray tan you really fast and even in the comfort of your own home!

Tara Cooper
Maxim Model

Tulsa Wedding Makeup


I was pleased to have Krista McCauley on my short film “The Bout”. The film required MMA fighter makeup as well as standard film makeup. Krista was well adept in both areas as she is not only a talented makeup artist, she is also an upbeat and fun person to work with. We were on very hot and crowded sets and I was impressed with how well she kept a smile on her face. I would not hesitate to contact Krista in the future as my lead makeup artist!

Kevin James O’Neill

Writer/Director “The Bout”


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