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Why Hire a Professional Makeup Artist?

Professional makeup artists are trained for all types of makeup including photography, video, film, and theatrical.  Each type requires a different type of skill & application.

On your wedding day, your style of makeup should go with the style and theme of the wedding.  Professional makeup artists will be able to help you determine what style suits you and then tailor it to the theme of your wedding.  One of the essential pieces to any look is to have clean lines on your lips and eye liner.  Another essential element to any look is that trained makeup artists pride themselves in completely blending makeup.  When makeup is completely blended it gives your face a completely natural untouched look.  Having your makeup completely blended keeps you from having those 80’s racing stripes on your cheekbones.  In addition, makeup professionals use balanced color choices meaning the lips, cheeks, and eyes all flow together.  Also, professional makeup artists always keep their makeup kits stocked with high end product lines.  Having top quality makeup ensures long lasting coverage to keep you looking your absolute best on your wedding day even when the weather is not cooperating.

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When it comes to picture taking time, almost all photographers like to give you both color photos and black and white.  Trained makeup artists know how different your makeup can look between these different types of photography.  In black and whites photos, the use of contour and high light determine how your face will look structurally.  For instance, dark colors come up looking black in the pictures.  A quality makeup artist should know this and adapt their skills accordingly.  A professional camera, like the one your photographer will use on your wedding day, picks up 250 times more detail than the human eye.  Thus, the camera will pick up every detail on your skin and if your makeup has not been done just right, you could end up with that “caked” on look that no bride wants.



Another essential of any true professional makeup artist is sanitation.  All makeup artists should pride themselves in giving high quality makeup with absolutely no chance of spreading germs.  To prevent the spread of germs, makeup artists should always use disposable mascara wands, have sanitizing gel, and should never let the makeup touch anyone else’s body but yours.  For example, if a makeup artist tries to put lipstick on you straight from the tube, just think about how many other lips they may have used that on or how old it may be.  Or if they are putting mascara on with the same stick that comes in the tube, think about how many other eyes that has touched.  If you see this happen, you should immediately tell the person to stop and use a disposable tool because no one should risk her health to have makeup done.


Finally, a professional makeup artist can create the illusion of perfect bone structure through the use of highlighting, contouring, & the placement of a little color.  A professional will be able define your eyes, create higher cheekbones, a strong jaw line, and ensure a symmetrical mouth.  However, it is also important for a makeup artist to balance out all your features so that every aspect of the look compliments the next.  A makeup artist’s job should be to give you a timeless look on your wedding day.  Creating a timeless look can be challenging but a good makeup artist should be able to find what suits your style and give you the look you have always dreamed.  While your wedding day only comes once, your photographs and wedding video last forever.  Hire a makeup artist for your wedding and ensure no one forgets how beautiful you were when you said, “I do!”

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